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The "Pey" Times || Nine Months

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
N i n e  M o n t h s

Height: 29.5 in. 
Weight: 21lbs 2oz

Tuesday Tuesday...can't say I notice you and I often get you confused for Monday or Wednesday. Just me? Whelp, Another month, another tooth, another funny story, another update! This little beasty doesn't know what she wants but she knows she wants it, isn't that always a fun mystery? The first few weeks of life I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong because I wasn't sure what kind of personality she had or knowing what every sound or look meant. I knew when she was pooping versus peeing lol that was about it! Although now I know every little detail, she stumps me still. I guess that's our job right now though, to read their minds, until they can tell us later on and even then we will still know better!

This captures everything...Two top teeth, two bottom teeth, smile and right leg up! 
She's not interested in my squeaky toy anymore lol


> Her two top teeth came in right when she turned 8 of 4 now. eeesh.
> Taking a few steps before collapsing, literally baby steps haha
> Totally "cruising" around the couch mostly
> Tries to wave, backwards of course
> She knows what it means to clap and will start clapping if you say "yay!" or start singing patty cake or the song If you're happy and you know it.
> Matches color to color, you will often find her with two things that are the same color.
> Saying MAMA!! Well not super often but not just when she cries anymore :)
> We've got a dancing leg people! It's the cutest thing. Give her a good beat and she will clap her hands and shake a leg haha.
> Last but not least, she is starting to understand patterns I think you would say. For example: if you put a ball down the slide and then hand her that ball, she will attempt to do the same thing!! so awesome!

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> Ricky and Lucy's doggie bowls!! Ah! Seriously always trying to play with their water or food.
> Splashing madness during bath time, no need to wet her hair because she will do it herself!
> Little Einsteins! Well only the intro song. She will crawl up to the TV stand, pull herself up and stare at the screen smiling and one leg dancing!
> Belly fart kisses :)
> Her monkey, She has a monkey velcro'd to the side of her crib that plays her "night night" song and a few others. It's become a very treasured gift and comforting for when we travel.


> All of a sudden she hates her hair brushed!! What the heck?
> Being on the changing table, talk about a squirmy wormy
> Not a fan of shoes, socks or hats...I know this is pretty norm but she used to not mind them!

I'm a professional spotter at this stage...I've literally slid across the floor to save her head from hitting the ground!
Don't let her fool you, she's not shy lol

Overall this growing up thing, although sad, is becoming more and more fun! She has such a sweet and loving personality, fearless and excited about everything. Needless to say, just when you think your love for your child couldn't's scary! 

On another note, completely off topic, I am starting a lifestyle/family photography page on IG and will start posting soon! I'm excited to see where it takes me because I LOVE capturing amazing moments. Hoping weddings will become part of that mix! 

Hope everyone has a fabulous memorial weekend, it will be the first time in a long time that both the ancé and I will be able to partake in the festivities! Whoop whoop!

Postpartum Update || Eight Months ||

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Hey mamas!! 

So I'm posting this now, at almost nine months postpartum, however the pictures and most of this was done at eight months. Like I've said before, I have many ALMOST finished posts!

So here it is, although I love my body I think everyone likes to think that they will have their pre-baby body back eventually even though you know it will just never be the same. The biggest change for me is my stomach area and boobs that seem to be slowly floating down river haha. Ok ok I might be over exaggerating but it's how I feel! Now, I'm not saying I'm upset or complaining as I know a lot of women gain 60-70lbs and have a hard time losing it. I'm happy with my body and am realizing that working out is a gift. Although Pey is amazing when it comes to using the daycare at the gym, no stranger danger yet! Also, I am still breastfeeding (woohoo!) everyone has their own opinions on this but I'm hoping to get to 15months and then maybe 24months but we'll see. With two top and two bottom teeth I pretty much have a baby piranha on my boobs, sounds fun right? It's making me reconsider breastfeeding longer vs. saving my nips! 
Speaking of breastfeeding, Does everyone's boobs get a little bigger after 5 months?? Wish they would stay! Also, Do a lot of you ladies feel your "let down"?? It's the craziest thing to me, all of a sudden my boob or boobs feel like they tense up. I think I started feeling it more and realizing what they were at about 5-6 months. With this came a lot of extra milk, I think I was pumping an extra 10 oz a day but right now it's getting harder and harder to find time to pump since Pey always ends up in bed with us. Yes, yes I know but it works for us for right now. I also experienced leaking for the first time when my fiancé and I went to a company party, I thought I was sweating but it was my milk running down my stomach! Definitely glad I wore black but that was my cue to say our goodbyes.

The Good, The Bad and The TMI

- First off, a TMI. I've been seeing my doctor every 6 months just because I love her but also because I want to make sure everything is going well down there. I have to admit it has taken me a lot longer to recover and for things to feel the same again. Now I know why!! My doctor said that after you have a baby, your lady parts are going through menopause! I mean really?? She said that if she didn't put a notation on my pap, it would come back as a menopausal 65yr old. Ha. So basically you're saying my who-ha is a senior citizen. Learn something new everyday, your welcome. I didn't actually try it because in the following week or two the dryness stopped but you can get estrogen creme (doesn't effect your milk supply) to help your little senior citizen. lol Loving the new nickname.

- The good, I made it to almost 9 months of exclusively breastfeeding!! Just to clarify though, this means something different for everyone. Some people associate it with just breast milk and no formula. There is also breastfeeding only and no bottles at all or just breastfeeding the majority of the time.

- The bad, my back is still killlllling me and it feels completely bruised still where the epi went in. As if I didn't already have a bad back! Also, my hips!!! Holy cow, downfall of cosleeping I guess, too much side sleeping. Bottom line- Hi, I feel old.

- The good, the carpal tunnel is almost completely gone!! That is crazy because I didn't think it would ever go away. Don't get me wrong I still feel numb sometimes at night but it doesn't hurt and get cold like it used too. The pain I had in my pinkie, which turned out to be trigger finger, has dissipated as well!

- The bad, Mom brain is getting worse and worse!! I mean, I don't really consider it bad until I forget something important. When it comes to dating a check with 2015 or using Pey's toothpaste instead of my own, I can't help but laugh!

- The TMI, I miss my old nipples... not that I have complaints, trust, buuuuut well I just miss them. Lol

- The good, I feel like my -ancé and I are finally getting back to in having date nights and romantical time. 

- TMI, my boobs are getting even bigger! Officially a cup and a half size bigger. Not sure I like it, but I know someone who does! Men. *rolls eyes but also loves it*


- Well, I recently went completely through the drive thru window at Starbucks and forgot to tell her my order first. Yup, I just went straight up to the cashier window lol. Oops.

- I started putting anything I don't want to drive off with on the hood instead of the roof of the car while putting Pey in her car seat. It saves me a lot of yells by near by onlookers and money from having to reorder my spilled, venti iced sparkling black tea lemonade with 2 pumps peach, again. PS- I'm proud of my Starbucks order! I feel like when you go to Starbucks they expect a complicated order, and if you don't have're not a "pro". Right?

Lastly, I started doing so that I don't lose my mind on him! We decided that neither of us are allowed to say that we are tired, exhausted or anything related to that because let's face it, we both are but us women can just handle more. If Rod doesn't get a nap in then I will have a man child on my hands lol. When I'm up a lot of the nights because she's still waking up a lot and wants only me, it's hard to hear Rod get up and say he's so exhausted! Let's just say I want to throw something at him...and it's not a bunch of marshmallows! Any other tips you mamas use to keep your relationship from turning into a battlefield at certain times?? lol Hey, let's just be honest! 

Hope everyone had a beautiful mommy day!

Just you and me : Our First Mothers Day

Friday, May 6, 2016
My Darling girl-

It's our first mommy day together and I know you won't remember it or even know why i'm smothering you with more kisses than usual. Regardless, I wanted to write to you and tell you how special you make me feel. Yes you, who was squirming around in my tummy last year at this time and is right now squirming out of my arms to get down and crawl after the poor puppies. To say time is flying by would be a vast understatement. I originally came into this holiday thinking like the old me, the old me that would love any excuse to pamper herself and have a few cocktails with friends by the beach exchanging gossip. That was then, although tempting, it can wait because it's about us now. Of course your dad is always with us and loves you dearly but no one knows your little details or notices the tiniest of changes more than me.

Through ten months and two days of growing you, feeling your slightest moves and even things that would seem to annoy you, like when you got hiccups, I know you. A little scratch from brushing up against the woven basket, a bruise on your right shin because you always lead with your right leg when crawling over things like the dog gate. I know the differences between your cries, whether you want to be hugged, need a nap, getting frustrated or you're in pain. I know every new smile or scrunch of your face or when you sleep 5 minutes longer than normal. Recently you have been saying mama only while you're crying from your crib. I sit there watching you on the monitor, wondering if you know what you are saying and why you only say it now when dada gets to hear his name all day long.  It has to be because when you need me most you are going to call for me, when you are hurt or scared you want your mommy and that couldn't make me feel more special.

Mothers Day, for me, isn't going to be about pampering myself or spending time away from you, this year anyway lol. It's another day, besides the day of your birth, that I celebrate you and what you have contributed to my life without knowing. I promise to always be that mom that wipes your dried boogies and left over food on your face with a wet finger, I promise to always try to leave little notes in your lunch box and surprise you with lots of mommy and me time. I promise to always be goofy and make a fool of myself just to hear the sound of your laugh and see that infectious smile. These promises will be the easiest and most important promises of my life because being your mother is the most important thing I've done.

So today, instead of wanting to get my chipped nails done or my hair fluffed and cut that is about a year over due, I want to spend this day with you. Our first mothers day together and while you are still at this stage of clinging to me for dear life, I want to soak you up and take this day to treasure US.

Happy First Mommy and Me day Peyton Mackenzie, I love you more than all the waves in the ocean and all the sand in the world.


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