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Monday, March 21, 2016
As I sit here with the only light being this bright computer screen, as my milk is being suctioned out of me, I can't help but wonder if this new person that has emerged is going to be enough.

Tonight we got home late and so I immediately put Pey in her highchair, which she then started banging on in anticipation of food. Rod boiled the water to start dinner, which was just simple ravioli and some vodka sauce (a staple these days). After feeding her, I took her a bath while Rod folded the wrinkled laundry I left out from earlier and prepared our plates (He loves being wrinkly Rod haha oops). From there I usually take her straight to her room to read her a book and put her to bed but I was starving so from there it's a contest of who can eat the fastest so the other person can eat without fingers in their nose and mouth. Anyway, After the baby was asleep and we laid in bed I thought about how amazing it feels when things run smoothly and successfully because it's often crazy with a side of friendly bickering. Life with a baby is definitely only made for the strong and communication couldn't be more important than it is now!

This got me thinking about what it's going to be like when Peyton gets older especially because I know she's going to be a big daddies girl. Am I going to be smart enough to help with her homework? Will she call me her best friend but be respectful of the rules around her? But most of all, will I be wise enough and strong enough to know when to let the reigns loosen and when to tighten them up? Yes, of course, I've always thought about being a mother but i've also always thought about being a professional sky diver, everything is different once you're there. When you're hanging off the edge of a plane and you see your friend in front of you disappear faster than the donut you ate that morning, a bunch of questions start rolling in. Reality has set in. Yes, I just compared motherhood to a skydiver and if you think about it they are very similar. You really are just thrown into it and it's the scariest thing in the world in those final few moments before you jump.'s just beautiful, like nothing in the world can stop you and you can see everything laid out in front of you. However, then you start to see the reality coming at you like...well like earth usually does when you jump from a plane. You start to wonder things, questions you knew you had but pushed away because to answer them would mean that you had some doubts or that you were actually scared. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubts about our ability to raise our daughter but I'm realizing how scary it is to have a daughter and want to teach her but shield her at the same time. Finding that balance is different for everyone and every mother daughter has a different dynamic. I just hope Peyton and I's dynamic bitchin' haha. Let's face it, whether you're jumping out of a plane or a new mommy, either way the likelihood of changing a diaper or undergarment is high!

Am I right? I've said it once and I'll say it again, the single mothers out there are super humans because without my fiancé I would have no hair left, rocking myself in the corner holding my knees....praying for help. I'm so thankful to have a best friend and supporter throughout this transition process into becoming parentals!

Photography: Natalie Schutt

The "Pey" Times || Seven Months

Friday, March 18, 2016

S e v e n  M o n t h s 

Height: 28.5 in. \\  95%
Weight: 18lbs 9oz \\ 75%

At seven months I have a totally stubborn but sweet and sassy but loving little girl. Her little personality is coming through and I couldn't be more terrified. She absolutely loves outdoors (beach/sand especially) and stares down any little boy she comes across.

This past month has also been one for colds, she's had two colds pretty much back to back, which I was not prepared for. Thank you saline drops and nose frida, when buying these products I never thought I would use them as much as I did. Not to mention, when I bought the nose frida I was thinking there was no way I was using my mouth to suction out mucus! Amazing what changes when you have a crying stuffy nosed baby. She's such a trooper though, at night is the only time she let her stuffy nose damper her mood, definitely got that from me! Since I feel like most men act like they are sicker than anyone has ever been when they are under the weather...even if it's the same cold you no it's way worst than that. Lol 

Ok, I got off track talking about our man children! This past month I've also started bringing her to the gyms daycare, I felt super uneasy and did a 30 min workout the first time around. She was perfect but I'm still doing 45 min workouts just to get her used to it. Point of the story is mamas getting her groove back and working out again! I haven't done a postpartum update yet but I plan too. Although it will probably be an 8 month update and most are usually 6 months, I feel like I actually have things to report now. 


Still exclusively breastfeeding and no formula needed. Giving as much water as she is eating and maybe a little throughout the day if it's hot. At 6 1/2 months I started giving her gf rolled oats that I eat almost every morning. Just because the baby cereals take out a lot of stuff and it made sense to give her what I eat. It went over really well of course but we decided to give her nothing but veggies for at least the first 3 months but all greens for the first 2 months. Green Beans, Zucchini, Peas (only one she hasn't liked so far) and we're on spinach right now! Debating on what is next, maybe Kale/chard blend or broccoli. Have any of you had bad gas problems from doing broccoli?


> She has two bottom teeth!
> She's on food item number 3
> Picking up large objects with both hands
> Totally knows her name
> Responds to No and even shakes her head back at you
> Bangs toys around to open them or see if stuff comes out


> Anything to do with food
> Crinkly noises
> Shaking her head No
> Giving kisses
> Still loves her Ergo and the Solly Wrap which I'm starting to love way more!
> Water...playing in it, drinking it...everything
> The color BLUE!!
> Hair brushing
> Still loves to walk around while holding her hands
> Blow drying her hair
> When mommy or daddy dances
> "Reading" books and slapping all the pages
> Snow! She loved watching it come down...until it would get in her eyes


> The breast pump, big bummer because now I can't pump with her around because she'll grab it!
> Having her toe nails clipped
> The winding road to Big Bear... that sucked.

I love blogging but it's really still hard to find the time or want to make time away from your ever growing child. I'm sure it's going to get busier and harder to make time to sit down and write. The only reason I'm able to do it now is because she is sleeping in her Solly Wrap. 

In other news, I'm thinking I'm going to get the Disneyland Pass because I'm a huge Disney fan. Any of you ladies go with your 6mo+ olds? And because mommy could use a churro or three!

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