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Little Moments || December

Friday, January 15, 2016
So it's well into January but I wanted to reflect back on December and just blow it a kiss. Not going to lie, I'm a little sad that 2015 is over just because it's going to be hard to top as well as so many positive things happened. However, I know it's only going to get better from here!  Here are some highlights and randomness from the holiday month.

Man I can't wait for next year when she actually wants to rip the wrapping off a little!
My little squishy
LA decor looking like Vegas
Never get sick of this hotel...
She's getting too big for this thing :(
Lunchin at The Standard
Such cute bottles!
My NYE kiss was one for the books...

I've always had resolutions every year but this year they are a bit different. I want to learn everything I can about being an amazing mommy and soon to be wife as well as change any mindset that doesn't suit me, I want to not be afraid to start something new (aka photography), and I want to save for a house! My favorite fact my dad told me once is that it takes 20 days to break a habit and 20 days to learn a new one, so cheers to new ends and beginnings!

The "Pey" Times || Five Months

Wednesday, January 13, 2016
AHHHHHHHH!!!! My baby girl is five months!! Every month gets harder in different ways and better all around, she is such a little devil angel haha. The last two months have been even crazier than the ones before, mostly due to the holidays and really just adjusting to an even more active baby. One of the main reasons I'm doing these "Pey Times" is because I want to be able to look back on these for my future kid(s) to come. Having said that, I missed out on month 4 so I'm sneaking in a few points on this post :)

Month four she started to roll from her back to her stomach which was really crazy for her age and was still in the 80% for her height. She was still wobbly but trying very hard to sit up and found her voice! At this rate she's going to be an opera singer *rubs temples*. Enough about her at four months though, let's talk five :)

F i v e  M o n t h s 

Height: 26.5 in.
Weight: 16lbs 9oz


> Licking the dew off cold water bottles/ or beer mugs lol
> Her new car, thanks to Auntie Andee (She loves that sense of freedom, I'm in trouble)
> Her latest thing is cracking up at Lucy and loving to give Ricky hugs (He's the mushy one)
> Talking when your talking...She will even get louder and louder to get your attention!
> Still a total cuddle bug for her mama, follows me around the room with her eyes
> Rolling from her back to her tummy
> Her FEET!! She has successfully put her toes in her mouth, which I think is adorable :)
> She thinks monkey sounds are the funniest thing
> KISSES! If you ask her for one sometimes she will lay one on you, careful though cuz she'll suck your face! lol
> Still a major water baby, she knows the sound of the bath and gets excited
> We've reached the phase of EVERYTHING going straight to her mouth
> Watching Teen Titans and Paw Patrol, too early? lol Don't judge it's only so I can brush my teeth and pull myself together a little while she's slowly waking up.
> She also likes being told "Noooo", juuuuusssst great.
> Last but not least Pey LOVES Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself". Ever since her auntie Natalie sang her to sleep, she gets quiet and calms down when I play it and sing it to her. Haha crazy! The littlest Belieber. 


> Sitting still while putting her diaper on, major wiggle worm
> Not constantly moving aka...restless body syndrome. Especially when feeding.
> Still has major issues with her carseat but it's getting better. And by better I mean listening to her cry a little before she passes out is getting easier for me to handle. She does have those crazy moments of simply falling asleep though.

From what I'm told, five months and up is where the fun is at! She is pretty much sitting up on her own and building muscle in her legs fast! However, she still is waking up at 11, 3 and 6am most nights, which makes for a tired mommy. The pediatrician has given us the go ahead to start slowly introducing foods (probably won't till she's closer to 6mo though) but I'm not liking the recommended rice cereal, full of starch and empty calories. I know the purpose is to start with gluten free and wheat free but I'm thinking of starting with cream of wheat mixed with BM, since it's easy to digest and has more benefits. Of course from there, introducing veggies and then fruits. What did you mommies start with?? I have a feeling she's not going to have any problems with eating since she's been grabbing at anything I put to my mouth for the last month! Let me know fellow mommies!!

Milk or No Milk | Breastfeeding Part II

Friday, January 1, 2016
Hi ladies, so I've really been wanting to write about this for a while because I'm becoming very passionate about it. As you read from my last breastfeeding post, the very beginning (first week or so) was kinda scary for me just because I didn't seem to produce a lot. Luckily it was because I wasn't letting her feed WHENEVER and as often as she wanted so that my milk production would come in adequately.

Well many many other mommies are not so lucky. I never knew that you could over produce (let alone not produce at all!) and by the hundreds of ounces at that but after being added to a couple mommy groups on FB, I'm seeing both worlds.

I basically wanted to shed some light on a topic that I had no idea existed or was possible. When I learned how difficult breastfeeding could be my main stress was that I wanted my baby to have the full nurishment of breastmilk and benefits it provides. Milk donations are for those moms that can't produce enough or not at all but want to give their child breastmilk instead of formula. Some babies are super sensitive and even intolerant of formula so breastmilk is the only way they don't get gassy fussy babies. Who wouldn't want their child to be happy and have good food??

Don't get me wrong, at first I thought it was kinda strange having someone else's breastmilk. It's also kind of scary because you don't know what they are putting in their bodies. Do they smoke? Are they on medication? Do they have any diseases? Did they have a margarita and then pump?? Being a mommy is super difficult at these times but I think if you are sweet enough to donate after spending hours pumping the extra, then you have to be putting the right stuff in your body. Many regular donators have an official medical statement showing they're healthy and clean from diseases too, if you request. 

That all being said, for mommies that want to donate or want/need breastmilk for your baby at any stage, there are so many groups and websites to do so. 

To name a few groups on FB that usually always have a group in your state if you look:

> Human Milk for Human Babies
> Buy, Sell and Donate Breast Milk (women only)
> Eats on Feets

Two popular websites for donation or need:


All in all, I have become super passionate on the subject and donated as much as I could a few times now. Right now I am trying to build a stash for a couple of preemies and a married same sex couple who will be adopting two newborns in March and want the best for them. I only over produce maybe 5-10 ounces a day depending on how much time I have to pump but I wish I could do more. Being a part of these groups and seeing pictures of so many preemies/newborns and infants in need of breastmilk breaks my heart. If Peyton stops breastfeeding sooner than expected I plan to keep pumping just to donate for as long as I can. I can't even begin to describe the feeling you get when your handing over your milk that you produced to another mom for her baby, I get teary eyed every time. Talk about "it takes a village", us mommies really have to stick together! Ending on a positive note, I hope I could help/motivate or relieve some soon to be mommy stress, there is help if you can't produce! 

Hope everyone is having an amazing start to the New Year, it's 2016!!! Ah! 

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