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#TravelTuesday || Palm Springs

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

W E L L  H E L L O  P A L M  S P R I N G S !! I seriously haven't been to Palm Springs since I was 21 but stayed at a girlfriends family house so I never really experienced the little town. The people were so nice and although I couldn't see myself living there, it definitely has an addicting charm!

|| S T A Y ||

If your feeling fancy:

> Avalon Hotel (aka used to be Viceroy Hotel) $$$-somewhat family friendly with a "kids allowed" pool but not a kiddie pool. This is perfect for the couples getaway that want to stay up late and have drinks around the fire. 
> The Parker Palm Springs $$$$- If you want to feel like you've been transported back to a time of Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley. This place has a swanky ambiance that will give your eyes a treat.
> Ace Hotel & Swim Club $$- This hotel is more of a hip scene with a bohemian artsy decor and some family friendly options as well as a dog park in the back!


> The Riviera Palm Springs $$- family friendly with a couple pool options and beautiful cabanas with loads of amenities. If you fancy some alone time, they also have a kids club with wii's and xbox to keep the little ones entertained.
> The Quinta Resort $$$$- Probably the biggest and most family friendly hotel in Palm Springs. It has 43 pools, 53 spas and five golf courses. As if that's not enough, they have a day camp and night care for parents, as well as pet friendly options.
> Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort $$$- So I really want to stay here next time just for this pool area they call Splashtopia, amazing right? With waterslides, jacuzzis, a lazy river and a sandy beach, this is as kid friendly as it gets!

Front of Avalon Hotel
|| E A T ||

> Las Casuelas Terraza- Very family friendly, casual restaurant on one side and more of a loud, social vibe on the other. There's only two really good Mexican restaurants in Palm Springs and this is one of them!
> Rio Azul Mexican Bar- The second best Mexican restaurant. Not family friendly, known for their margaritas and their Drag Brunch! 
> Workshop Kitchen & Bar- Farm to table style restaurant, if you're feeling a little fancy. Beautiful ambiance.
> The Farm- A hidden little place thats surrounded by trees and flowers, farm to table, everything has a unique twist to it. Even the mimosas! 
> Great Shakes- Of course last but not least DESSERT! you have to make a stop at Great Shakes if you come to Palm Springs. The shakes are rich but the little donut and yummy ingredients are worth it, even if you can only handle a few sips. Have to thank my bestie for that recommendation!

Great Shakes

The "kiddy" pool
First time in the pool,  3 months and loving it!
annnd my heart burst
Did you know that red doors are suppose to mean that your welcome to stay there? cool history fact lol
My big girl...

For our first family vacation this was perfect and not too far away from home. Although I wish I could've hung by the pool with a cocktail, something about watching your baby experience new surroundings and try new things really is priceless. Cheers to drinking lots of apple juice, stealing bites of baby food and checking for boogie monsters!! Can't wait!

Little Moments || October & November

Friday, December 11, 2015

Hola! I feel like once the holidays hit, everything starts flying by! Since Peyton is now 4 months today, I figured I would catch up on some random shots of the past couple months! Especially because I think December will be full of pictures!

.: O C T O B E R :.

My favorite picture
Sleeping Beauty
Gotta love outtakes
Is there anything better??
She didn't wear this as much as I wanted!! Stupid Cali weather was too hot still!
Day after engagement lunch! Love these ladies & my future seester-in-law
Sooo I had 3 sips of this cucumber margarita and was toast lol, first drink after a year so I guess that's normal??

October isn't normally a favorite month of mine but now I have an amazing proposal to always associate with it.

.: N O V E M B E R :.

Cali weather at it's finest...Palm Springs was perfect for our first family mini vacay (post to come soon)

Can I keep them??
She's too young to give me this look!
Seeepy head 
Thanksgiving at Nana's
Meeting for work...not gonna lie, I missed it!
Perfect way to end a month...mommy and daddy first date night!

November came and went, probably because I was looking forward to December but also because we were on the go a lot more. We tend to spend a lot of time staying with our families down south in Laguna so we're hoping to move down there sooner than later! I'm hoping to start posting more as I think I'm starting to find my niche of topics I like. I really bow down to all these amazing mommy bloggers that manage to do it all and post 3-4 times a week, most of all my bestie. For those who think it's easy and not a job (once you get to a certain level), you couldn't be more wrong! I spend A LOT of my days just at home with Pey whether it's playing, snuggling or taking naps...I barely have time for myself so hat's off to the mommies with two or more and can keep up!!

| Peyton's Nursery |

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Oh Monday...So I have to admit I have so many posts, including this one, about half done and it's been hard to find time to finish them. Then I get excited about posting something different and the cycle continues, my follow through has been terrible as a mom! haha. Anywho, Finally posting on Peyton's nursery, we started off with creams and light pinks and then ended up having pops of color everywhere. I'm definitely happy with it, our place right now is an older house in Redondo Beach so the paint (didn't have time to paint it a new color) and carpet are not my fave, can't wait to have our OWN house!

You could say that this is my favorite corner...

Nursery Works: Sleeptime Rocker
Rug: Amazon

Shelves: Target

The tiny clothes pins holding our Polaroid pictures is a favorite of mine, may or may not have had some Pinterest influence ;)

Be our guest book: Such a great idea to have everyone take a Polaroid and write a note to Pey next to it. We're lucky to have so many people care for her already!

Lamb Plush Collection: Pottery Barn Kids

We loved the modern take on this crib from Ikea

Shelf above dresser: Land of Nod
Dresser: Ikea

My FAVORITE part of Pey's room is the fabric streamer her aunties made for her!! Four different types and colors of fabric that took them so long and I couldn't be more grateful. She will have it as part of her room for a long time to come!

My second favorite part of the room is these blocks that I made thanks to Michaels, can't wait to do more DIY projects with little missy when she's older!

Lastly: I wanted to share how I organized my drawers!

1st Drawer: Pacis, Rattles/Chew toys, backup wipes, nipple balm/pads and boob cooler/warmers, Diapers, Medication, Thermometer, Emery board, Nose Frida

2nd Drawer: Socks, Bibs, Burp Cloths, Wash Cloths, Headbands/Beanies, jammies, onesies arranged in stacks by age

3rd Drawer: Bath Towels, Swaddles, Bathing suits (it was summer still), Extra waterproof mats (you can NEVER have too many of these! I've already went through the ones pictured)

I think I started decorating the baby room about 4 months before my due date but didn't finish it until a few weeks before. I'm a little, ok more than a little, OCD so these separators and boxes for the drawers came in handy but also were overwhelming. I remember sitting in the middle of the room with a bunch of stuff around me and trying to figure out how I liked my drawers stocked. She has a few more drawers in her walk in closet (spoiled already haha) but I really only have items that will eventually transition into her main drawer once she grows into them. People say it's fun to nest, however for me it almost made me more anxious and stressed! Anyone else feel this way?? Procrastinator is a word that definitely describes me...but there's nothing like the feeling of having it all done!

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