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#FridayFinds | Delicate & Dainty |

Thursday, July 30, 2015
Happy Friday gals! Recently I've been getting a lot of compliments on my necklaces and rings, I love anything delicate and dainty, so I thought I'd share my faves!

| Catbird |

Catbird has been an obsession of mine for years now and is based out of New York, I have all of the items below except for the moon and stars necklace. They are great quality and perfect for stacking without looking bulky.

I only recently purchased the Dollhouse Locket and the Alphabet Earrings because of miss Pey. I got a P and an M for the earrings (Peyton Mackenzie) and the TINY locket I can't wait to put a very tiny picture in! So sweet...

| Lat & Lo |

Lat & Lo are such a sweet find when it comes to a sentimental place or time that you want to always remember you visited or the exact location. The location I chose was in Paris and had the Latitude and Longitude of where Rod and I locked our locket on one of the love bridges. Since I know Paris tends to take down these lockets due to the bridge being heavy, I wanted to remember the exact location just in case, so we could someday go back to that spot :) I'm mushy, I know.

Another amazing option that I can't wait to use someday for my wedding is the Love Notes Bar necklace. You add your latitude and longitude BUT on the back you have someone special write a little note ( i.e.: I love you). AH! so amazing! your welcome. lol

| Maya Brenner |

Last but not least, Maya Brenner has many pieces including earrings, bracelets and rings BUT my favorite is her letter necklace. I have this necklace in Gold with the letters R, L & now P, for all of our initials. I love it and can't wait to add 1 least ;)

For those of you who love wearing delicate jewelry and having items that you can wear 24/7, these are some of the best! I'm not huge on wearing jewelry but these pieces are never taken off! I hope you ladies find something you like or never heard of before! 

Mini Bumpdate | 38 Weeks

Monday, July 27, 2015
I've never been so excited for Monday!! Every Monday I go to my doctor now for a check up as well as to check for dilation or being effaced. I feel like she is really popping out now and every movement almost hurts and sometimes I can't help but let out an "ouch!".  That being said I wanted to do a mini- bump update just because I'm getting excited and these are fun! So here it is:

How Far Along?

38 weeks
Total Weight Gain?   

16 lbs, so I've gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks...makes me feel a litttttle more normal. Can't complain though!


A little girl ;)


PINEAPPLE!! Which really sucks considering I get acid reflux and anything acidic is the one thing you REALLY shouldn't eat. Oh well, I always have tums on stand by.


Ok, so I'm that person that always looks up her dreams and wants to know what they mean. I already knew the kinds of dreams to expect during each trimester but I thought I would get away without having THIS particularly strange dream. Basically many women in the third trimester dream about having a litter of kittens or giving birth to an animal of some sort. All this means is that you are thinking about the health of the baby and worried about any abnormalities or problems he or she may have. WELL, my dream fairy gave me nothing cute, like kittens, but decided to bless me with giving birth to a half human and half ALLIGATOR!! Sweet baby jesus... did I wake up and freak out!! lol I really hope that's it for the weird animal dreams... so weird!

Baby Brain?

The most recent is leaving the house without my shoes, getting all the way to Target, stepping out of the car and realizing...crap!


My excitement over anything automatic makes me happy!! lol I think I'm getting EXTREMELY lazy when it comes to anything unrelated to nesting. Automatic soap dispensers, automatic doors, automatic flush, automatic shoe put'er on'er and removal by baby daddy...all awesome haha.

Baby Movement? 

She's not showing signs of slowly down, last night she kept me up from 12-2am because she seemed to really love the feeling of her toes in my ribs. ugh. She's definitely not letting the tight quarters stop her from her daily/nightly dance routine.

Looking Forward To? 

Being able to sleep flamingo style again and on my back! Being able to see myself down there, I'm beyond the point of being able to pull up my belly a little to get a glance lol

Real Talk? 

My last doctor appointment (at 37 weeks), I was almost 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. For those who didn't know, like me, effacement is basically the thinning of the cervix lining so the baby can come through. It's actually the most important aspect because you could be 10cm dilated (the point when you push) but not be effaced at all, which would most likely end up in a c-section even after all the pushing. Needless to say I'm excited to be effaced and dilated already but it is normal to be a little bit of both at 37 weeks and you could remain that way for the next two weeks, you never know. However, my doctor seems to think she will be early if not right on time.

The REAL talk part of this is how crazy painful the check up was for me, 35 weeks didn't hurt but was uncomfortable. This time it was insane! I felt like she was reaching for my belly button and all I know is it forced my labor breathing, I was sweating and getting teary eyed!! Of course this is the one appointment Rod was unable to make....but he'll be there today!! She said it was about 1/8 of a contraction, if thats the case than I'm in BIG trouble, I always thought I managed pain really well too :( She also said it should get easier as the cervix moves down more...I sure hope so! eek!

Anywho, my next appointment is TODAY!! So I will post an update in the late afternoon, wish me luck!

*** Update: I'm still almost 2cm dilated but now I'm 70% effaced which is exciting! Hopefully she will be on time and not late like the doctor predicts!! :) 

Hospital Ready!

Sunday, July 26, 2015
Happy Sunday!! Officially 38 weeks over here! I'll be doing a mini bumpdate tomorrow because I've growns! haha. For now, I wanted to post on what I put in my own hospital bag as well as some items others put in. It can be very overwhelming and I have been a total procrastinator when it comes to packing. Although it's probably because I also have to pack a bag to stay down south with my family until she comes which could be two weeks or more! I LOVE my doctor and my hospital so it is all worth it, especially to be closer to my fam. Hopefully she'll be here soon!

So here it goes (If it's not in the pictures, it's on the list!):

Clothing (Mommy):

- go to hospital outfit
- coming home outfit
- 2 nursing tank tops (Target) or you can do nursing bras.
- sleeping bra (Target)
- Pajamas (Button up for easy breast access)
- Robe ( for walking halls or added warmth)
- Slippers (with a grip to walk halls or walk around)
- Warm socks (hospitals get cold)
- Comfy Granny panties (you don't want anything constricting your lower abdomen esp. if you had a c-section, not to mention you'll need to fit the maxi pads in too)

Clothing (Baby):

- coming home outfit
- 2 onesies (additional)
- swaddle zip up onesie (Summer Infant SwaddleMe Wrap)
- 3 beanies (just wanted options/ couldn't decide)
- 2 swaddle blankets (Aden & Anais)

Misc (Baby):

- 2 pacifiers (make sure they aren't ortho style, soothies are the most liked)
- emery board (in case of long nails)
- soft brush (cuz I know Peyton's going to have a full head!)
- Boppie or Brestfriend pillow (so you can practice breastfeeding on the pillow w/nurses there to help)
- Some hospitals/Insurance companies don't include diapers & wipes in the total cost so make sure you find out so you can bring your own!
- Some people bring their breast pump but hospitals do provide them if needed. 

Misc (Mommy):

- Prenatal Pills (you want to keep taking these as long as you are breast feeding)
- iPad/Tablet (movies, games), Phone, Phone Charger
- Copies of birth plan for nurses and doctor (if have one, mine was too simple to need a plan)
- Goodie bags for nurses (typically have 3 for you, baby and then an extra to help doctor)
- Insurance card, Drivers License & any paperwork needed
- Car seat- duh, but if you don't have it installed ahead of time, you can't take your baby home ;)
- Toiletries: Toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hairbrush, deodorant, makeup, lotion, hair tie, hair clip, makeup wipes, chapstick. (I'm not bringing shamp/cond & body wash because I heard the showers are awful and I would rather just freshen up with baby wipes. Worst case I would have someone bring some if I was in the hospital too long.)
- Flip flops (for shower if you do)
- Pads (yes diaper style because you bleed after delivery for a week to two weeks) *most hospitals provide them for you while your there*
- Nipple cream (Boobease or whichever you prefer, Lanolin I heard tends to get sticky and thick)
- Breast pads- (mine are washable cloth because I didn't want them to feel sweaty or bandaid like with the disposable. However, if you have a lot of leakage washable wouldn't be the best for absorbency) 
- Stool Softener (some need it, some don't, better safe than sorry. Pharmacy recommended Colace)
- Dermoplast ( Pain relieving spray that's safe to spray down there, they provide it at the hospital but definitely got some for at home)
- Tucks medicated wipes (last minute recommendation by a few mommies, so you can spray Dermoplast and then leave the wipes down there for continued cooling, fun stuff! Haha)
- Camera & Charger/ extra battery (if your anything like me)
- Snacks (mostly for your baby daddy since you'll be on ice chips)
- Pillows (for you and for baby daddy)
- Blanket (for baby daddy)
- Gatorade (because you get extremely dehydrated giving birth & breastfeeding)
- Lollipops (dry mouth)


- Sleep Masks (in case you only get to sleep in the afternoon)
- Baby book for foot print
- Doterra Oils & Diffuser: I know it can be super hectic so I might not use them but it was important for me to bring them just in case. I separated them into bags...
  •  Beginning or After- Diffuse Wild Orange & On Guard
  • Active Labor (5cm dilated +up)- Diffuse Balance & Serenity
  • I also brought Lavender to calm, Clary Sage to promote dilation when rubbed on pressure points, Deep Blue oil & Deep Blue Rub for back & joint pain, Past Tense because I like it.

Hope this helps!! I will be doing an update after delivery to let you ladies know what I did and didn't need, again it all depends on your hospital, circumstance and just personal preference. For all you experienced mommies, If there is something I could add or missed let me know!! 

Just Us | Maternity Shoot

Monday, July 20, 2015

Anyone that knows me (or has ever met me) knows that I have always been baby crazy. There's two things I've never had a doubt about being the best at, being a wife and being a mommy. We did things backwards for sure but I've never done things by the book and I've never met someone that is so irreplaceable. This photoshoot was really important to me because I think pregnant women are beautiful and that it's such a gift. I wanted to always remember how I felt at this moment and wanted a photoshoot that represented our casual beach life. I couldn't be happier with the end result!!

Can't wait to have little Peyton hold her lamb-y!
To say we're excited is an understatement...can't wait for this

Saving my favorite for last, My surfer for life :)

I apologize for the mass amount of pictures but I loved so many of them!! Anyone in LA or OC that is getting married, engaged, pregnant or just wants awesome lifestyle pictures NEED to use Natalie Schutt. She is such a sweetheart and fun to work with, I'm so glad I found her and can't wait for future shoots!! 

I can't believe we are 3 weeks away from her due date, I'm not ready to give up the belly yet but MORE than ready to meet her!! Life is about to mean a whole lot more.

#FridayFinds | Walk it out

Friday, July 17, 2015
Happy Friday!! Ever since I went to St.Tropez last April I have been on an espadrille kick but am recently loving all the fringe on sandals and heels! These are some of my favorites for summer :)


1. Revolve Clothing: Revolve Erlina Lace up Sandal
2. Urban Outfitters: Lime & Coconut Soludos 
4. Target: Huarache Sandals
5. ShopBop: Rebecca Minkoff Studded Sandals- *On sale for $87!
6. Forever 21: Faux Suede Gladiator Sandal *sold out but I signed up for waitlist!!

1. Zara: Fringed Leather Sandals- *On sale for $29!
2. Soludos: Watermelon Sand *SOLD OUT but can find here : ShopClovers
3. Urban Outfitters: Jeffrey Campbell Gladiator Sandal
4. Urban Outfitters: Classic Canvas Stripe Soludos
5. Revolve Clothing: Piaz Fringe Sandal in Stone
6. Zara: Fringed Flat Leather Sandals- *On sale for $39!

SOOO many cute choices out there right now and if my feet didn't start JUST swelling, I would probably have purchased more than just the watermelon soludos :) Watermelon is my favorite fruit by far and I've tried to go without purchasing them but I finally gave in! Is anyone else having a hard time not purchasing all these cute new styles?!

36 Week Bumpdate!

Monday, July 13, 2015
Hello ladies!! I'm excited to post (I'm assuming) my last bump date! I wish I would've started the blog sooner because these are fun and I'll love looking back on them someday :) I'm just gonna warn you ahead of time, I may or may not have given a little TMI on some answers but hopefully you'll find them more comical (cuz you can relate) than here it goes! 

I like to compare to the month previous so I can see the changes....All I really see is that she has officially DROPPED. Which is awesome for her but definitely gives me the waddle swag haha.

I'm not sure if any of you feel the same...but I feel like my belly looks different on both sides. Maybe it's just the somewhat blurry vision you get in the third tri I dunno!

It's super funny to me that I can't even say that my belly button is's more so pushed out that it's become flat! haha

How Far Along?  

36 Weeks / 9 Months,  Oh mannnn!!
Total Weight Gain?   

14lbs, I still can't believe it. I think I'm just losing all my muscle since I haven't been working out really because the baby continues to measure perfectly every week! So again, as long as she's growing I'm not gonna stress and instead just feel lucky. 

Maternity Clothes?  

Yes, if you count all the maxi dresses I currently live in. Considering I don't fit into anything anymore because my hips and ribs have become too wide, I've given up on buying new maternity clothes at this stage.


A little girl ;)


Banana milkshakes have become a staple in my cravings lately, soooo good!! Other than that, still fruit and pressed juice.

Miss Anything? 

It's started! I miss being able to sleep through the night without miss Pey deciding to do a 180 in my stomach all of a sudden.


Granted pre-pregnancy I had somewhat normal dreams, these vivid dreams are currently terrifying or too real! My worst fear in life is that dinosaurs will come back to roam the earth lol *cue giggles* but seriously, dinosaurs scare the crap out of me and I've always had dreams of them chasing me since I was little. Add pregnancy to that mix and ohhhh mmmmyyyyyy gaawwwddddd, at this point I just stop running now and let the raptor eat me, it's just easier hahaha. 

My other dream that is reoccurring is when i'm putting my hand on my belly and I can feel Peyton's hand but all of a sudden she comes all the way out!! I try to push her back in but she won't go and she's too small to be out yet. Also one that she's already out and like 7 years old, meaning I missed everything and I begin to freak out! After reading up on it, I guess it's really normal to dream about seeing your child either come out to early or come out full grown.  Anyone else have crazy vivid dreams?? 

Baby Brain? 

Recently I've just decided to just start creating new words and/or renaming actual words, I can only laugh at myself! 

I also now have to keep track of when I feed the dogs because I forget if I fed them already or not! My dogs have gained sympathy weight for sure (haha) so they are on a strict diet but I'm pretty sure mommy has fed them 3 times a day recently because I couldn't remember! Oops.


Aside from short walks and scattered prenatal yoga, I'm still in my 9 month work out slump. I know I'll regret it when it comes to recovery but right now I'm not forcing anything if I don't want to do it! and you can't make me!! lol


How do you know when your in your third trimester? 

1. When you have to hold your knees to sit on the toilet
2. Waddle Waddle Waddle ( We'll call it pregnancy swag)
3. Sweating out of no where
4. THINKING you need to pee really bad when it's really a little tinkle (very unstatisfying)
5. Stretching your legs out in the morning and not being able to move because you got a massive leg cramp! ahh!
6. When the baby kicks or moves on your cervix and it feels like a poker is in your lady part! (sorry for the TMI)
7. Lastly, Popping Tums like Skittles! They have always been a staple since 2nd trimester but it's on another level now.

Only one of these things I was prepared for and that was the waddle lol. Hello Third Trimester!


Feeling really good this past month, aside from getting exhausted easily. Lately I've been going through moods of " I can conquer this birth and I am not afraid!" to " HOLY CRAP, Is it possible to just click my heels and have her appear? Don't make me do this!" Suffice it to say anxiety comes and goes about this watermelon I'm going to be pushing out!  

Baby Movement? 

She's still a little maniac and has an attitude already about when she wants to be touched and when she is getting irritated with her current position. haha This is what I get for being such a brat as a kid..

. 4am and Peyton decides she's up and wants to make sure I am too!

Best Moment This Week?  

There's been a lot of little moments, I love that she recognizes our voices completely now and will stop moving to listen to Rod (especially) or I talk to her. Than there is the simplicity of adding the carseat into our SUV, finishing organizing her dresser drawers and the BIGGEST moment is when you start packing your hospital bag. Having to pick her coming home outfit was definitely a moment for Rod and I :)

Looking Forward To? 

Hmmmmm...yup...yup...still looking forward to having a HUGE Cucumber Margarita from Javier's. Nothing to specific though ;) Also, being able to eat a normal amount of food! Since your stomach ends up right above your uterus but below your rib cage....It doesn't take much to fill me up. This really sucks sometimes when you love good food as much as I do! I literally have no room for dessert anymore :( Which I guess is a good thing...

Serious talk though, I'm excited for this life changer and am definitely ready for it. I'm also looking forward to seeing how emotional Rod is going to get over his little girl, he's a softy for his whole family of girls in his life (3 sisters, 3 nieces)!
Real Talk? 

Ok, so I'm going to say that this might be a little too much information but I just have to talk about it! I don't know maybe I'm the only one but since the end of the first trimester my lady parts have gained weight! haha well it just looks puffier, my doctor said it was normal due to blood flow and that it will never look the same, always fun to hear. Nothing sexier than a puffy lady part and national geo boobs to go along with it haha! Don't get me wrong though, I do love my pregnancy body, I can't tell you how many times I've pretended to be pregnant by sticking my tummy out just to see what it would look like. Not to burst anyones bubble but it is definitely not the same! 

Another "real talk" moment i'm having is getting into the appointments every week now to check your cervix and if the baby has dropped. Peyton has been doing a headstand since she was a little pitchfork (her legs) looking thing at 8 weeks. Needless to say, she is LOWWW and I couldn't believe it when my doctor was telling me she could feel the top of her head!! SOOO crazy! Then she asked me if I had felt it....ummmmmm noooo. Besides the fact that I can't see anything down there anymore, I feel like it's just off limit signs and caution tape down there at this point. ;)

Anyway, considering this will probably be my last bumpdate, I hope the ones I did post helped or just made you laugh! It's been quite an unexpected experience but an amazing one as well. I will miss this belly and can't wait to do it all over again LATERRR on ;)

Hope you ladies have a fabulous week!! I'm officially on maternity leave and will be away from my computer a lot more since we live in Redondo Beach but are delivering down south by our families. I'll keep posting as much as I can though!! 

Pink Blush Maternity

Saturday, July 11, 2015
It's Saturday!!!! Yayyy!!! This is normally not as exciting for me HOWEVER, it is my last day at work before I get to go on maternity leave!! Thank goodness because I'm definitely ready for a mini vacay at my parents pool for the next month until she makes her appearance. Needless to say, the waddle is coming along nicely and these dresses have been making regular rotations through my wardrobe and wanted to share.

I wanted a dress that was close to "Peyton Pink" as I call it, The hem line is at the perfect length to feel comfortable but still see enough leg that you don't feel like a cotton ball. This dress is also going to be great for easy nursing, which I love! 

I LOVE this dress, so casual and comfy but can be dressed up as well :)

My main concern was the sheerness of this dress but it's not! (Although I wouldn't wear lace under it, just saying lol). I love it because it doesn't cut into my ribs at all and have probably worn it the most of all.


When it comes to outfits these days, my go to is maxi dresses (if i'm not in pj's all day). It would normally be workout clothes but considering I really haven't been working out a lot, I refuse to buy bigger sports bras and pants since my lulu's don't fit anymore :( So for now, slipping in and out of comfy dresses is where it's at!! Any of you other mama's have mandatory go to's??

Life's a Beach | Six

Friday, July 10, 2015
Happy Friday!! These last few weeks have gone by super fast and I keep waiting for time to slow down. I'm really trying to take time and enjoy this last month with my bump and remember moments that clearly show her personality already! 

Wanted to incorporate Little Miss Peyton's first stuffed animal into our pictures :)
Flatbreads are definitely my normal craving but Banana Milkshakes is all Peyton!
Both my pups know something is different, she loves to jump in my lap while I get ready :)
Digging a hole for me to lay in so I'm not flat on my back...standard deal at the beach lol

My entire pregnancy has been all about FRUIT with some milkshakes thrown in of course ;)

Not gonna lie...reallllly can't wait to get my cocktail on again!!!!
She's a kicker!
My second shower from the girls at work was more like a sprinkle, simple but beautiful!

Natalie Schutt Photography

In other news, I'll be 36 weeks (9 months) on Sunday!! This hopefully last bumpdate will be pretty honest because there has been way too many things going on that I have to talk about, haha. Can't wait to share!

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