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24 Week Bumpdate

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Happy bump day! lol

I feel like I just did a bump date but there is definitely a huge difference between 20 weeks and 24 weeks....I mean dannnnnng. For me anyway, I feel so much heavier but she also is just so low...but more on that in the real talk section at the bottom. I mean they do grow about 2 inches (from a mango to eggplant) and double their weight between 20 to 24 weeks, so it can't just be me!

It's unreal that I am already at 24 weeks...well 25 weeks 3 days as i'm writing this. If that doesn't sound crazy to you...what about the fact that I have 14 weeks and 4 days left till my due date?! gah! Ya.....I have nothing done yet. Seeing as I know she will be with me for the first few months...I'm not super stressed on getting her room done. However, I am feeling the need to organize something! Anyone else procrastinating on their second?? 


How Far Along? 

24 Weeks exactly! ( When I took these pix anyway)

Thought I would post my last 20 week just for comparison! And if you noticed the missing tattoo...it's because I forgot which side I took the picture on so I just flipped the picture to face the same way!

Total Weight Gain?   

I've gained 4 lbs in the last month>>>12lbs total...my guess is 10 more lbs by my due date.

Baby Brain? 

Doesn't even begin to cover it, I'm apparently slightly dyslexic now too. I require people around me to finish my sentences for me and if you say something before I can get my thought out....whelp its gone. I also get overwhelmed and sidetracked VERY easily these days. I could go on....I've tried to put the almond milk in the microwave instead of the bottle, my glass of water in the fridge instead of the Brita ( which isn't that bad I guess), I had Peyton wearing her romper the wrong way for almost the whole day and it wasn't a new romper...I knew how to put it on! And for the record, the only reason I remember doing these is because I write them down in my notes...NOTES...a absolute necessity these days!


I attempted to go to the gym again (since my 15 minutes of gym time back in September) and alas...Peyton lasted 10 minutes. There were so many kids that I think she thought she was on a normal playground and kept calling for me since no one was paying attention to her. I know I know, I have to let her get used to it but I'm not paying $7 for 15 minutes until she does! Plus I was literally crying on the elliptical knowing that when I peaked in after the bathroom she was already calling for mommy and looking for me :(  It's just not for me!


I'm starting to get anxious because I know how fast my due date is going to come, I don't think the hubs is prepared for the difference this will make! He will be taking over a lot more duties especially the first few months...and this time I have to remind myself that I don't have to be superwoman.

Baby Movement? 

When I went in for my last appointment the doctor said "that's a chill baby" because the heart beat was at 145, as it has been since day 1. Peyton was 155-160 the whole pregnancy and boy does that shine true! lol

Best Moment This Week?  

I have a lot of these moments but I love taking a mental note of walking with Pey in hand and a belly full of gentle nudges and kicks...I'm trying to remember this pregnancy as much as I can and relish in these moments of "wow, I'm pregnant with another baby girl".

Looking Forward To? 

Seeing this baby girl, now more than ever I'm starting to wonder what little things she will share with her big sister...same color hair? EYES?! same big feet and long toes? lol I could go on and on...the magic of creating someone is really mind blowing sometimes!

Real Talk?

Vagina Carpal Tunnel....ya I said the same thing..."Whaaaa??". Apparently it IS a thing and when I told my doctor that the sensation I was feeling down there felt similar to Carpal Tunnel she said thats exactly what it was! Fun stuff right? For those who haven't experienced the wonderful tingly feeling of Carpal Tunnel, it feels like frost bite on your hands/fingers and you really think they might fall off. It gets soooo cold, numb and the pain is excruciating sometimes. Whelp, that same cold and numb feeling is what I feel down there every once in awhile and it is sooo uncomfortable! So for those that experience this...its normal and more likely to happen after your first child because the baby can slide lower down which presses on the nerves and cuts off blood flow. blah. Just something else to add to the list of "WTH no one told me's". You're welcome. 👌

As always I hope someone can relate!

20 Week Bumpdate || Half way!!

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Yayyy!! I'm excited to finally start posting about my second pregnancy and the difference I feel and SEE between Peyton and this little girl. So first of all the first trimester up until 18 weeks was full of constant nausea and fatigue, I would literally fall asleep on the couch with Pey on my phone or ipad next to me. Hey I would prefer another method but it's survival, I really felt like I had to sleep to survive! Needless to say I was reconsidering my want for having 3 or more children but I'm glad the decision was made for me! For those who don't know, since we are having another girl ( Which I really wanted ), we will eventually have to try for a boy to keep his family name going. Rod also has no boys in his family besides him and I may or may not want a little mamas boy too.

Now on to the bumpdate, I decided that for some of them it would be fun to keep the first pregnancy answer under the question to see what is different, so you will notice a 1st pregnancy and 2nd pregnancy title before the answer. Here are some bump pictures from the beginning till now 💕

Not much of a difference between 8 weeks & 12 weeks except my tan! (right after our Maldives Honeymoon)

It's weird how different angles make you not look as big as you think because when I look down I feel a lot bigger! Here's another angle just for fun...oh and my belly button has been out since week 8!

How Far Along?  

20 Weeks, 5 Days
Total Weight Gain?   

So far 8 lbs, which seems to be right on track with my last pregnancy ( gained 16 total) so this time I'm not as worried. Don't ask me how because the baby is measuring about a week bigger but it definitely has to do with the nausea for the first 16-18 weeks and the heat of summer time that makes me want light foods like salads, veggies and fruit! 

Maternity Clothes?  

Um ya I was in these like 9 weeks into pregnancy, the all to familiar uncomfortable feeling of having any sort of pressure on my lower abdomen was back very early. A long with a lot of other things that I will get into at the end of my post.


A second baby girl!!


I could seriously copy and paste everything I wanted first pregnancy right here. All I want is fruit and salads with lots of avocado. This pregnancy however I have been craving bagels and cream cheese as well as banana and peanut butter sandwiches...everyday. I DON'T want anything to do with pasta, especially after throwing it up on our honeymoon. And anyone else going from "hmmm I'm starting to get hungry" to "FEED ME i'm gonna die!" in less than 10-15 minutes?? Because that's me, I HAVE to eat something every 2 hours or I risk dry heaving, so crazy how empty you feel!

Miss Anything? 

My how my response has changed since last time! I miss having motivation and energy to want to work out or really do anything, no but seriously, I do fun stuff but I really wanna just lay on the couch with my feet up eating a Paletas ( those who know...know). 

Baby Brain? 

2nd pregnancy: 
Hmmm...where do I begin?? Forget about making sense anymore because I rarely do. Trying to remember ANYTHING is just like winning the lotto, It will never happen but you always think it might be different this time ( As I walk out of the diaper aisle, forgetting I just told myself I needed diapers). Lists are my best friend, if I can remember to write them down or even rememeber what I needed to write down in the first place. Guys, its bad. I kid you not, we just pulled out of the Wells Fargo to deposit and got down the street when I exclaimed "we didn't go to the bank!". Then I remembered, as my husband looks at me with a great deal of concern. 😂

1st pregnancy:
"Ok so this could also go under "best moment this week" but it's only considered funny because I got lucky!!! First I didn't pay the parking meter in LA, on 3rd street, on a Sunday for over 2 hours!!!! And I got no ticket!! This is truly a rare event and complete blessing!

Second, is reallllly embarrassing and very bad. I was in such a rush at the next spot I went to that I left my keys in the ignition and car unlocked.....yaaaa I know. It's bad. Sooooo I'm getting close to losing my driving privileges haha."


2nd pregnancy:
Not working out seems to have just become a part of my life since the first pregnancy, my workout is my crazy toddler and building a human ✌

1st pregnancy:
To be honest I've had such a hard time with exercising my entire pregnancy. I'm normally at the gym 3-4 times a week not including Pilates and yoga sessions. Yes I know it's good for you and helps you a lot during birth but I can't get the motivation or the energy! It doesn't help that since hitting the third tri, I've started getting nauseous again,  headaches and moments of losing my breath. Fun stuff. 


All my symptoms I'm just gonna go ahead and throw in the "real talk" section...


I go through waves of feeling overwhelmed and emotional, I don't really have the feeling of guilt yet. If you don't know, a lot of moms start to feel guilty about having another child or child of the same gender because they don't want to feel like they are replacing the current child or not sure how they will love that much. I'm hoping I don't go through that because I'm just over here worried about how I will have enough energy for two social fire signs! I'm a water sign, surrounded by fire! lol.

Baby Movement? 

2nd pregnancy:
Im hoping this means that this little girl will be a lot more chillax because she doesn't move nearly as much as her big sister did. I still felt movement at the same times but she will not let you feel them on the outside!

1st pregnancy:
When is she not moving?! Peyton moves EVERY hour and has hiccups 3 times a day. Haha it's really cute. Seriously though, even my doctor says she is extremely active, the first kicks I felt from her were at 14 weeks!! Rod felt her kick at 16 weeks, and we even have a video of a crazy kick outside my stomach at 17 weeks. She's a muscle baby for sure! 

Best Moment This Week?  

Pey coming up during these photos and hugging and kissing her baby sissy!

Looking Forward To? 

2nd pregnancy:
Reading the last response, I am now wondering if breastfeeding will be different and if I will go as long as I did with Peyton. I do know that I will be using bottles a little more so I can keep my sanity with having two kids! Then again I say that now.

1st pregnancy:
As weird as it is to say, I'm really looking forward to breastfeeding and having that skin to skin closeness. I've been dreaming about being a mom since I was a toddler, with my set of quince dolls, so I'm looking forward to every thing about being a mom!

Real Talk?

2nd pregnancy:
Ok so my real talk from the last post during the first pregnancy was crazy to read since I went until 22 months before weaning. Don't get me wrong though, I would've had no problem breastfeeding through pregnancy and continuing but (and this is where the real talk starts) it got sooooo awkward! Moms say that they were too sensitive or it was too painful and I always figured I would just tough it out, ya definitely not. It wasn't a matter of toughing it out and I in know way believe breastfeeding is a sexual thing but when you get pregnant the sensitivity doesn't even cover what you are feeling. I literally couldn't stand to breastfeed anymore, all the normal sensations had come back and I couldn't have her latch for more than 5 minutes before I was just too uncomfortable. I'm thinking not every mom feels that way because for me it was impossible to continue past 12 weeks pregnant, whereas other moms go through the entire pregnancy! 

Anyway, now that I've said my piece on that subject can we talk about how everything gets fuller, bigger and harder so much faster!? From your boobs to your Who-ha, everything gets swollen fast and also very tender! There are even spots on my tummy that feel bruised depending on the babies position, anyone else get that?

Lastly, this has been bugging me and I have been trying to figure out how to say it without giving the wrong impression. If you ask a soon to be mom if they want a girl or a boy and once she answers, you say "well as long as they are healthy, that's all that matters". Why even bother to ask? This has really become my pet peeve because OF COURSE all we want are healthy babies, they are OUR babies! But we shouldn't need to feel shamed or need to feel bad just because we like to think about if it's a girl or a boy. Don't ruin the excitement! And don't ask what we would like, if you intend on saying that after. I even find myself answering the question and then quickly saying "but I just want a healthy baby over anything else". I shouldn't need to feel like I am already being a bad mom by answering your question by saying what I've always dreamt of having. Is it just me?

1st pregnancy:
I'm kinda bummed that we are so behind other countries when it comes to breastfeeding. I'm going to push/hope for a year of breastfeeding (with solids incorporated obviously) but don't understand why we think it's weird to breastfeed longer, I see nothing wrong with it if it's just at night before bed especially. No I'm not a mom that wants my child with teeth running up to me and pulling down my shirt but I could only see benefits of incorporating it still after a year. Anyway, no judgements either way but it's been on my mind! 


Alright so I feel like I had a lot more to say this pregnancy! Any one else have pet peeves? I hope some of you can relate and I'm excited to keep updating every month. Time is flying by so I'm trying to soak up both my growing toddler and this growing pregnancy. 💕  Stay tuned for a post on how I weaned and sleep trained!

Mommy Favorites || The Baby Cubby

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Hi ladies!

I wanted to share some of my favorite items from this company I was lucky enough to work with! These items, ok besides the clothes, are all must haves in my book and I hope it helps some of you.

First I wanted to tell you a little bit about this company, they are based in Utah and they are determined to provide the best (and best reviewed) products out there. Every one of the products have  been researched and picked by them as being perfect for our little ones. The name Baby Cubby is representation of that, when we were little we always stored important things in our cubbies and this store represents all those important things that you love.

So definitely bookmark this site because it will never steer you wrong! Here are some of my favorites and some items that I will be ordering for this next baby!

                                                              Bumbleride Indie

I love a few strollers but I've always been a fan of the Bumbleride Indie. When looking for a stroller my first priority was the one wheel in front! It's easier to steer and push with only one hand, which we all know is very beneficial.  
Waterproof, Washable and stylish
I love these to catch Peys food

4Moms Spout Cover

This is genius especially for my
husband who could never really
get it right.



                                                           Comotomo Natural Feel

Ergo 360 Teething Pad/Bib                                  Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier

I still use this thing and the back support is huge for me
because I have major back issues

Medela Pump in Style Advanced

This worked amazing for me and
would highly recommend it.
Also most insurances cover it for free.
                                Boon Star Drain Cover

Fridababy Fever Frida / Fever Frida Patches

                        Sakura Bloom 

Baby Bling Knot Headband

                           Rylee and Cru Tee

Jumpsuit from Rylee and Cru

Rylee and Cru Cross Romper
                                                                        Rylee and Cru Jumpsuit

                                                          KicKee Ruffle Footie

I love anything KicKee because it is sooooo soft and breathable.
I also love the anti slip on the bottoms of feet!

All Photos by Me

These are obviously some of the products that I love on their website but there's tons more! Other small businesses are big favorites as well, like Piper and Finn, Bannor Toys, Briar Bonnets and L'ovedbaby. Just make sure you sign up for emails to receive 10% off your first purchase!

The "Pey" Times || Happy Twelve Months!

Saturday, June 17, 2017
I know this is only a year over due but this blog, if anything is for my record and so I have these memories written down. So despite the fact that I never finished this post, i'm posting it anyway (under the radar). Begin unfinished post...

So this is that moment, the moment where I feel like I accomplished something amazing but am also so sad that it's gone. The first year of Pey's life and my first year of being a first time Mommy is officially over. There should be one of those memory keepers for these moments in life. You know, like in Harry Potter where Dumbeldore had all his memories stored in that fountain looking thing, I need that! And yes, I love Harry Potter and need to go to Universal Studios immediately!

Anywho, I'm currently laying here typing this on my phone while Pey is...take a guess...yes on my boob. Yay for one year of breastfeeding down! Right now, so many memories are flooding back. Like the fact that I was in the hospital already right now and got sent back home, only to be admitted 4 hours later. Man you were super active that night, ready to hit the ground running and boy do you!

T w e l v e  M o n t h s

Height: 31.25 in. (Birth: 19 inches)
Weight: 23lbs 8oz ( Birth: 7lbs. 9oz. )

August 12, 2016

Well miss Pey, Where you are right now is somewhere between throwing mini tantrums at one of my happy places (Target) and exploring just how serious the "no's" we give you are. This Mommy hasn't gone to the gym or yoga studio in 2+ months but that doesn't mean I'm not getting my workout by holding Pey's hand while going up and down the stairs an infinite amount of times. You are your fathers daughter, wanting to step on everything and test your balance (future surfer).

As far as milestones, he has 6 teeth and started getting 2 more on her birthday...right before her birthday party started. Which meant 102.6 fever and a luke warm bath 30 minutes before people arrived! She was a trooper and was all smiles after we got the fever down and she could run around playing with the other kids.


This is all I had finished and I'm glad I had this because I don't remember a lot of it. I'm bummed I don't have her normal list of milestones I normally do or what she was trying to say or not say...Just reminds me of how important it is to write these things down!! I have a baby book for her and I plan on doing the same for baby number 2! I love it and highly recommend it, its by MushyBooks and I'm sure I'll mention it again in another post :)

P.S. Say I Love you... with Jord

Thursday, January 26, 2017
With things calming down over here from the after wedding high (and woes... for a later post) I wanted to make sure that our first Valentines as a publicly married couple, finally, was a good one! Rod is a fan of fashion and never really needs help when it comes to putting something together that is unique to him. 

So when it came to picking out a watch, I was definitely intimidated because his style can still surprise me at times. Jord Wood Watches have some of the most unique and beautiful watches I've seen in awhile and I knew it was the right fit for him. Picking one was a little harder but I think I did good with the Koa and Black

I picked this watch particularly because it was super detailed and being able to see the moving parts within the watch is the best part! 

Now, can we talk about how beautiful the packaging for their watches are? I had no idea but it seems like a present by itself. 

The box has a magnetic seal on the top and a little drawer on the bottom where they provide the oil, cloth and tool to remove or add links. These watches are a perfect blend of casual sophistication and unique style with many options depending on your mans taste. I can't wait to snag one for myself as their Women's watches are just as stunning!

If you didn't catch it on my Instagram post, they are having a $100 giveaway that ends this Sunday, January 29th at 11:59pm. Just for entering you will receive a $25 gift card!

To enter, click here

***The $100 and $25 Gift Codes will expire April 30th, 2017.

Anyone else have a hard time with gifts for the hubby? I mean, I think a robot that takes off his shoes before he walks in the door is going to be next! haha

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